The Creation

bird eating food
The process of writing my books was really fun and exciting! But it involved getting information/photographs, permissions from many people and a lot of research. 

Even though I may have visited many of the places shown in my books before, it was still important to double-check my facts and make sure all the details of my drawings were accurate. Even though I am from Montreal, for my book, Winter Moose Visits Montreal, I had to return to double-check a few things. Our memory is only so accurate.

The Making of My Great Canadian Adventures

To really capture my personal vision of Canada's beauty, I chose to draw by hand. "What's that?" asked Cliff, my digital graphics teacher.  I wanted to illustrate, write poetry and include some information about what is special or unique to each place. I remember learning about Canada in Elementary school, but just memorizing the names of the provinces and capital cities so difficult and abstract.  I wish I had a book like this to make learning about Canada interesting and relevant.

One of the hardest parts of putting together this book was getting a photograph for each place.  Because of copyright issues, I could not just take photos from  'google' search images.  I got the "Why don't you just google it?" comment a lot when I asked around for photos from friends and family. Another time-consuming part was writing various places for permission to use the photos.

Here's how I got my
3 most challenging photos:

1) Northwest Territories - I got this through a friend, Michael's friend, Ragu, who teaches in NWT. How lucky for me!  I really want to thank Michael for his usual efficiency, as I got this photo within a week.

2) Edmonton - Even though Edmonton is a big city, not too many people that I spoke to have ever been there. My cousin lives there, but he confessed that he was not really into photo-taking. My brother-in-law, Matt reached out to his friend, Daniel, who lives in Edmonton.  But before I saw any actual photos, I continued to ask around just in case.  I continued to worry that I might not get photos from Edmonton.  Then a second chance came along...

It just happened in the last week when my book needed to come together, that my dad's physiotherapist, Michelle, mentioned that she had to go to Edmonton for a course!  Of course, I quickly asked her to take some pictures for me! Eventually I got photos from Daniel and my other friend, Winnie's friend, Laureen.

3) Nunavut - This was the very LAST photograph that I needed.  At that point, I seriously contemplated needing to buy stock photos, but I was really trying to avoid that.  So, on the day that I was wrapping things up with my book designer, I met up with my sister-in-law, Agnes for lunch.  During lunch, I was going on and on about my efforts trying to get photos for my book.  I told her I was only missing Nunavut.  And guess what she said?
My friend, Alison (originally from Australia) used to work there and she loves to take photos!

So thank you very, very much Alison, for the LAST PIECE OF MY PUZZLE!


As you can probably tell, I had quite the adventure getting photographs for this book.  So, I wish to give a GREAT BIG thank you to all of those who provided me with photos and feedback on my book! Thanks also to those that listened to me go on and on about my dream of writing, illustrating and publishing a book!


The Creation of my Winter Moose series

My "Winter Moose" character was created during a routine bedtime reading.  Instead
of reading a book to my then three year old (following the theme of My Great Canadian Adventures), I decided to tell him a story of a moose's adventure.  I asked my son what the name for the moose should be, and he told me Winter (which is also our dog's name!).  I thought the name was perfect for our beloved moose -as "winter" is synonymous with Canada!
 Winter Moose rollerblading