The Tale of Three Sisters

What is The Tale of Three Sisters?  It is quite simple actually.  It is a tale about three sisters who grew up in the same family to the same parents, lived together for many years - yet we are quite different from one another and lead our own lives.  For those of you who have siblings, I am sure you feel the same way about them too!
My sisters and I talked about our individual experiences growing up and found that we shared one thing in common - the three of us were bullied in our youth.  All you really need is one mean person (maybe a stranger,  friend,  classmate, relative or even a family member) to say a hurtful comment and it could change your day or life forever.  It saddens us to hear so much about bullying in the news these days.  Bullying comes in so many forms and affects all of us.  If our children are bullied, we feel helpless; if we are bullied, we feel helpless.  What if mean words could be KARATE CHOPPED away? 

 "A connection made can change a day or life - so make them positive" - it's time for a good change!


Learning About My Sisters

My book writing journey began in August, 2017.  The process involved a lot of communication with my sisters.
It is amazing that even though we lived in the same house for many years, I did not really know my sisters!

I learned about my older sister's love of writing after she finished her manuscript for The Name Keeper (check out: 

I always knew my younger sister enjoyed drawing.  She illustrated The Name Keeper! But through my personal writing journey, I learned that she has always enjoyed writing too!   My younger sister began her own blog (, journalling her own personal journey of self-discovery and her love of adventure (mostly hiking in the Rocky Mountains).